About me

I am interested in reducing the environnemental impact of artificial intelligence. I have been studying how to precisely measure the energy consumption of machine learning model training.

I graduated in 2021 from the engineering school IMT Atlantique (Télécom Bretagne degree) with a specialization in Distributed Systems and a master in Data Science from EURECOM.

I am under the supervision of Prof. Denis Trystram and Dr. Laurent Lefevre and currently a member of the following teams:

MIAI is the Multidisciplinary Institute of AI, one of the four AI Institutes in France. Inria is the french national institute in science and digital technologies.

Research interests: Deep Learning, Sustainability in IT, Edge Computing, Federated Learning, Distributed computing and networking in the Cloud, Green IT, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing

During my studies I have had the opportunity to do several long internships in both small and internationnal companies. I wrote my master thesis at Quantum Surgical on the segmentation of medical images. Then I interned twice at Google, first in Messaging and secondly in Cloud. All internhsips were amazing experiences where I learned how to process and learn from massive sensitive databases, I developed software engineering skills and I first managed my own projects. I realized that my soft skills, such as presenting my work and networking, were some of my most important strengths.

Through my travels, I have become highly aware of the impact of climate change which is the reason I am doing research on the impact of digital activities and more precisely of artificial intelligence.
Outside of work, I love climbing, ski touring & trekking. I have played the transverse flute in a Wind Orchestra for a few years during my previous studies.